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Laguiole Jean Dubost - professional knife maker since 1920

Where does Laguiole come from?

Real Laguiole knives come from France, to be precise from the area around the town of the same name in the Massif Central, a mountainous region in the middle of France. The first knives with the characteristic honeybee emblem were made in small forges and workshops. Later, when the knives become more famous and popular, more and more companies in the area start producing them. One of these companies, Laguiole Jean Dubost, founded in 1920, has grown into a leading and world-renowned producer.

What does the Laquiole range consist of?

It all starts around 1900 with traditionally forged folding pocket knives that the local population uses in their daily work. Later, when the consumption of meat increases sharply, variants are made that better match this. This creates the steak knives that are no longer collapsible. Easier to make and less prone to wear. There is also an increasing demand for knives that require less maintenance. Small bistros and restaurants in particular want to get rid of the time-consuming knife sharpening and switch to serrated variants where this is no longer necessary. Because the steak knives are popular with more and more people, there is a demand for matching items. And so the range today consists of complete cutlery sets with knives, spoons, forks and many associated accessories such as cheese and butter knives, serving spoons, cake servers, etc.

What are the characteristics of genuine Laguiole products?

In addition to the original Laguiole, there is unfortunately also an imitation Laguiole that is mainly produced in China. Around 1900 no one is aware that these knives with the characteristic honeybee emblem later become so popular. The craftsmen in the small workshops mainly want to make a beautiful quality product and are not concerned with creating a brand with associated protection. And that is now taking its revenge, because the market is flooded with Laguiole not produced in France, which at first glance looks very authentic. They also do not hesitate to add meaningless certificates to these counterfeit products that suggest that the customer is buying a 'real' French product.

What should you look for when looking for Laguiole made in France?

At first glance it is not immediately clear from the knives and related articles whether you have 'real' or 'fake' Laguiole in your hands. The steel shines just as beautifully; the model looks exactly the same and the honeybee emblem is not missing either. But there is one very important feature that shows that it is 100% made in France. The word 'France' is engraved in the steel blade. That is a protected fact. So if it doesn't say so explicitly, you know for sure that it is not produced in France and therefore not authentic.

What makes Laguiole Jean Dubost unique?

Jean Dubost is a family business with a long history, located in a region where metal and woodworking have been present since early times. The centenary was recently celebrated. The company is still owned by the same family and is now run by the fourth generation. The intricacies of the trade are taught with a spoon. With this invaluable experience, Laguiole Jean Dubost now has an enormous collection to his name. From very exclusive handmade knives to affordable quality products that are accessible to everyone.

Come Amsterdam and Laguiole Jean Dubost

Kom Amsterdam has been working closely with Laguiole Jean Dubost since 2002 and is the exclusive importer in the Netherlands, Germany and Austria. More than 250 Laguiole products are delivered directly from stock from the warehouse near Amsterdam. Kom Amsterdam therefore has the largest range in the Netherlands and beyond.