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Antique Wood cutlery

Cutlery with wooden handles is popular because of the warm, natural atmosphere they evoke. The most popular types of wood, such as rosewood, wenge and oak, are now also available in a plastic version that is virtually indistinguishable from real wood.

Antique Wood cutlery

The 'Antique Wood' collection contains a wide range of cutlery items. In addition to the usual 24-piece cutlery sets, various types of serving spoons, cake servers, cake forks, butter knives, cheese knives, steak knives and many other cutlery accessories are available. Moreover, Komshop offers – and this applies to all cutlery series that we sell – the possibility to buy all cutlery parts separately. This is useful if you have lost something or if, for example, a knife needs to be replaced.

What makes this 'Antique Wood' cutlery range so special is that the handles are made of plastic with an exceptionally realistic wood effect. The cutlery can therefore be used in the dishwasher, unlike real wood.

Six types of wood are now available: larch, birch, wenge, rosewood, softwood (pine) and french oak. If it is difficult for you to choose from among these, we have an excellent solution in the form of 2 mixed cutlery cassettes with nicely coordinated types of wood.