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About us

The Kom Amsterdam family business started in 1989 with a shop in the center of Amsterdam. We mainly sold the well-known French "café au lait" bowls in all shapes and sizes. We drove back and forth with a fully loaded delivery van (unique: an Arcade Diane on gas). In 1994 and 1997 we opened two more stores and launched our own brand. We now traveled throughout Europe and had ceramics made by potters and small factories in Italy, France, Spain and Portugal. We started our wholesale business and completed the collection with cutlery, table textiles and glassware.

More than thirty years later, times have changed: everything is picked up and delivered by truck, orders are sent digitally and our store has been online since 2000. But what has remained unchanged over the years is the quality and timeless appearance of our collection and the craftsmanship of our producers. Practically all our products are still made in Europe, they belong to our European heritage.