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Laguiole Cutlery set 24-piece Mixed Wood in Box

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* Cutlery set with 6 steak knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons & 6 dessert spoons
* Smoothly ground steak knife, steel thickness of 2.5 mm
* Stainless steel blade HRC 52/56
* Wood handle: Olive wood, Rosewood, Oak, Wengé, Juniper and Bubinga
* Made in France
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Laguiole Cutlery set 24-piece Mixed Wood in Box

This 24-piece Laguiole cutlery set with six different types of wood is made in the hundred-year-old French family business Jean Dubost. The razor-sharp, stylish and solid knives lie very well in the hand and have a steel thickness of 2.5 mm. The handle is made of different real woods. Including oak, juniper and olive from Europe and the tropical woods wenge (Africa) rosewood / rosewood (Brazil) and the deep red bubinga (West Africa). The stainless steel blade is smoothly ground and excellently suited for cutting steaks, lamb, game and roulades. The box also contains 6 matching forks, 6 spoons and 6 dessert spoons. The set is fully produced in France and packaged in a luxurious and handy storage box made of wood and provided with a certificate of authenticity. The cutlery can only be washed by hand due to the wooden handles. The ideal gift for home cooks and food lovers!

Most important features:

  • Luxury wooden storage box with 6 steak knives, 6 forks, 6 spoons and 6 dessert spoons
  • Smoothly ground steak knife with a steel thickness of 2.5 mm and steel type AISI 420
  • High-quality stainless steel blade with hardness HRC 52/56
  • Dinner fork and dinner spoon with a steel thickness of 2.0 mm and steel type AISI 430
  • Dessert spoon with a steel thickness of 1.5 mm and steel type AISI 430
  • Handy handle made of six different types of wood
  • Original Laguiole honey bee emblem
  • Provided with a certificate of authenticity
  • French craftsmanship, 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects
  • Steak knives suitable for steaks, lamb, game and roulades
  • Storage box made of smoothly sanded untreated European poplar wood
  • 100% made in France (Jean Dubost, since 1920)
  • Wash by hand only (due to real wood handles)


  • Steak knife 23 cm (handle 12 cm, blade 11 cm)
  • Dinner fork 21 cm (handle 12 cm, metal part 9 cm)
  • Dinner spoon 21 cm (handle 12 cm, metal part 9 cm)
  • Dessert spoon 15.5 cm (handle 9 cm, metal part 6.5 cm)
  • Cutlery box 39 x 28 x H4 cm

Available variants:

  • At least 10 Laguiole cutlery sets 24-piece in other types of wood and plastic variants

Also available:

  • Wide range of matching cutlery accessories with olive wood handles

Technical information handle:

Execution in smooth polished real olive wood, from countries around the Mediterranean.

Olive tree Slow growing tree from the countries around the Mediterranean. The very hard and precious wood is given a second life (usually after 70 years) when the tree is no longer suitable for olive cultivation.

Technical information blade:

AISI 430 is a stainless steel type to which chrome has been added. This type of steel is often used for cutlery because it is easy to shape (spoons and forks), has a strong gloss layer and does not rust quickly.

AISI 420 is a strong stainless steel type to which carbon has been added in addition to chrome. This steel is less easy to bend and is very suitable for making knives. With a heat treatment, this steel is extra hardened (HRC52 / 56) so that the cutting surface is damaged less quickly and remains sharp for longer. It is also highly resistant to corrosion.

HRC52 / 56 is the standard by which the hardness of the steel is indicated. This type of steel will not break easily and is less susceptible to rusting.

Food Safety:

This product is produced in France and meets the highest European safety requirements.

About Laguiole Jean Dubost

The family business Jean Dubost was founded in 1920. Today it is led by the 4th generation who combines the traditional way of making knives with modern industrial production techniques.

The Laguiole Jean Dubost range is made entirely in France. With the exception of a few tropical woods, all parts, such as the steel and handles, also come from France. In the factory, raw steel (AISI 420 standard with hardness HRC 52/56) is transformed in a process of 9 production phases into a razor-sharp, mirror-polished blade. Every year 1.5 million Laguiole steak knives are made, almost half of which is destined for export.

Unfortunately, there is also imitation Laguiole that is mainly produced in China. Although often not directly visible on the outside (the logo, the honeybee, is even copied), the material and manufacture is of considerably lower quality. Imitation is also easy to recognize. If it is not explicitly engraved in the steel blade of the knife France, the knife is not produced in France and is therefore not authentic.

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